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The surviving members of the crew of the USS Macaw, minus some absentees and plus a couple of guest officers, Midway, Feb-Mar 1944. This photo was taken within a month or so after the ship sank. (Click once on photo to enlarge it, twice to enlarge it further; hit back arrow to return to page. See key to rank abbreviations below.)

Front row, left to right:  Donald Raymond Srack, F1/c; Daniel Jacob Weber, MoMM3/c; Robert Daniel Phelan, MoMM2/c; Charles James Shook, RM3/c; Quinton David Studer, MoMM1/c; Raymond Joseph Toth, S1/c; Anthony Edward Tomkovicz, SC3/c; Joseph Robert Tibor, S2/c; Virgil Warren Anderson, S1/c; Edward Wayne Bronson, MoMM2/c; John Elmer Leigh, MoMM1/c.

Second row:  Dwight Calvin Harvey, RM2/c; John Emmett Parsons, RM3/c; Ralph Henry Enzweiler, GM1/c; William Clyde Gibbs, SF2/c; Frank Vaughn Spoonamore, SF1/c; Lieut. (jg) Worth T. Windle; Cmdr. Cullen; Lieut. Gerald Furlong Loughman; Cmdr. Brad; Lieut. (jg) William H. Smith; John Robert Stout, SF2/c; Leroy George Warner, S2/c; Russell Ernest Francis, SF2/c; Erwin Richard Knecht, MoMM3/c.

Third row:  Curtis Wainscott, Jr., S1/c; Edwin Goetsch, SC1/c; Alfred Homer Jones, CCS (AA); George Elijah Baker, SF1/c; Joseph Clement Calligan, SF2/c; Dean Frederick Jewell, SC1/c; George Earl Keehn, Jr., SF1/c; Robert Michael Gonnoud, S1/c (RdM); Robert Irvin Bloom, S1/c; Nathan Edmund Turner, SoM2/c; George Washington Manning, SC3/c; Robert Clyde Jacobsen, CM3/c; Harry Vance, S1/c; Jack Harold Vangets, S1/c; Edward James Wade, S1/c; Arthur Andrew Springs, StM1/c; Jackson Charles Moore, RdM3/c; Albert Muti, S1/c.

Fourth row:  Stephen Miller, S1/c (RdM); Lyle Millard Webb, S1/c; Lawrence Howlett Mathers, RT1/c; Norman Wayne Blinn, SoM1/c; EJ Nations, EM3/c; Vorie Lyle Darling, Bkr1/c; Luther Elton Fry, GM2/c; Meredith Earl Keene, MoMM2/c; Stanley Libera, RM1/c; George Richie Gritton, CRM (PA); Ernst William Luders, EM1/c; Robert Ellsworth Friend, EM2/c; Walter Eugene Voke, S1/c [hands of the man behind him on his shoulders]; James Edward Main, SF2/c [sitting below the rest of the row, Voke’s left hand on his right shoulder].

Fifth row [consisting of the six men sitting in front of the back row toward the right — they don’t actually line up neatly in a row]:  Victor Dale Auble, Y1/c; Hughey Lindsey, Ck2/c; Leonard Henry Mayer, EM1/c; Louis Robert Vickers, S1/c; Joseph Theodore Verkennes, S1/c [Vickers’ hands on his shoulders; Verkennes in turn has his hands on Vokes’ shoulders]; Adam Viltress Autin, BM1/c.

Sixth row:  Bert Emil Maas, S1/c; Robert Royer Mathews, MoMM1/c; Richard Blaine Williamson, MoMM3/c; Herman Harold Ehlers, QM2/c; Claude Winfred Hannah, S1/c; David Peter Wallington, S1/c; John Paul Graaff, QM3/c; Albert Frank Bolke, GM3/c; Elmer Roscoe Ganstine, MoMM1/c; JT Strickland, S1/c; Charles Hamilton Kumler, EM2/c; Charles Joseph Brasier, MoMM1/c; Myron Jack Froehlich, S1/c; Peter Semotuk, CM1/c.

Rank abbreviations
Bkr – baker
BM – bosun’s mate
Capt – captain
CBM – chief bosun’s mate
CCStd – chief commissary steward
Ck – cook
CM – carpenter’s mate
Cmdr – commander
Cox – coxswain
EM – electrician’s mate
Ens – ensign
F – fireman
GM – gunner’s mate
Lieut or Lt – lieutenant
Lt Cmdr – lieutenant commander
MM – machinist’s mate
MoMM – motor machinist’s mate
PhM – pharmacist’s mate
PO – petty officer
QM – quartermaster
RdM – radarman
RM – radioman
RT – radio technician
S – seaman
SC – ship’s cook
SF – shipfitter
SK – storekeeper
SM – signalman

SoM – sonarman
StM – steward’s mate
TM – torpedoman
Y – yeoman



Twelve of the seventeen men who were aboard the ship when she sank, and survived. Sitting on the ground: Wade; front row bleachers, left to right: Wainscott, Verkennes, Libera, Loughman, Ehlers, Mathers, Kumler; back row: Williamson, Bolke, Knecht, Manning. Not present for photo: Koepke, Horsman, Lester, Brown and Scott. Midway, Feb-Mar 1944. (Click to enlarge.)




At Pearl Harbor c. late November or December 1943, there were two barbecues for the crew, half the crew at each. The men ate barbecued beef, baked beans and garlic bread and drank quart bottles of Lucky Lager beer some of the ship’s deep sea divers had salvaged at Funafuti after the sling unloading it there from a transport broke and its contents—intended for the Funafuti officers club— plunged to the bottom of the lagoon. The enlisted men drew on their windfall all the way to Hawaii.
Sitting (or squatting) in front, from left: Ehlers, unidentified, Graaff, Moore, Shook, Turner, unidentified, unidentified; sitting in back: Munoz, Hannah, Cunniff, Harvey (holding bottle), Scott; standing: Weber, Loughman, Wade, unidentified, Isbell, Whitmarsh, Hannah, unidentified (drinking), unidentified (behind drinker), unidentified, Jacobsen, Enzweiler (crouching, with beard), Pierson; the rest are unidentified except Zuroweste, in profile at far right. (Click to enlarge.)


4 Responses to Crew

  • Betsy Moore says:

    The man sitting/squatting, front row, fourth from the left is Jackson Charles Moore, my father in law.

    • budovich says:

      Please allow me to thank you at long last, almost three years later, for setting me straight. I thought you were referring to the shot of the crew on the bleachers, but now, after comparing various photos on which men who were on the ship have identified certain of their shipmates, I see you were referring to the picnic photo. I’ll be posting some more photos showing your father-in-law. I hope you haven’t given up on this site in disgust at my failure to make your correction any sooner. If you visit it again, please let me know. I’d like to know more about your father-in-law.

  • Charlotte Kumler Bellsmith says:

    My father( Charles Hamilton Kumler, died at a very young age. I never really got to know him. Anything you can add would be wonderful

    • budovich says:

      Charlotte, it’s lovely to hear from you. I think I talked to you on the phone about fifteen years ago. Most of what I know about your father I believe you told me, but if I can add anything to that, I will. Thanks for contacting me.

      Tim L

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